Danica Pinteric

Danica Pinteric

is a writer, editor, and curator based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She is curator-in-training for Time-based Media at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, a member of Kunstlicht's editorial board, and a co-director at Calaboose. She holds a BA in Communications, Cultural Studies & Art History (2018) from Concordia University in Montréal, Canada. She is currently pursuing an MA in Curating Arts & Culture at the University of Amsterdam.

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[curation] [text] Video Club: Sound Check at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Nl.

[text] Separation, Alignment, Cohesion at Laurel Projects, Amsterdam, Nl.


[curation] Red Sky at Morning at Interstate Projects, Brooklyn, NY.

[text] Michelle Bui at CIRCA Art Actuel, Montréal, Ca.

[text] Michelle Bui at Parisian Laundry, Montréal, Ca.

[text] à condition at Calaboose, Montréal, Ca.

[text] Angelique Heidler at Galerie l’Inlassable, Paris, Fr.

[interview] Angelique Heidler for The Editorial Magazine.


[co-curation] [text] SHELTER for LOIS Projects.

[curation] [text] Vincent Larouche at 2001 Rue McGill College, 9th Floor, Montréal, Ca.

[co-curation] Calaboose at Épisode Laurier, Avenue Laurier Ouest, Montréal, Ca.

[text] Hopping the Twig at Calaboose, Montréal, Ca.


[text] lambda.velorum for Interfold Magazine, Montréal, Ca.